Sunday, August 1, 2010

California Dreaming

All the leaves are brown,
And the sky is grey,
I've been for a walk,
On a winter's day

I'd be safe and warm,
If I was in L.A.,
California Dreamin'
On such a winter's day

Last Sunday, Emma boarded a plane to Sunny California with my sister and niece. She is having a great time enjoying the So Cal beaches, great Mexican food, San Diego, shopping, Los Angeles, In-N-Out Burger, Santa Barbara, and most On Tuesday she'll take her first flight alone and be home just in time for treatment.

On August 1st last year we had just returned home from two great weeks in California topped off by my nephew's wedding in Santa Barbara. To remember the trip I sat down with Donna and created a video to share some great photos from our vacation. This was before we knew anything about muscle biopsies, genetic testing, Pompe disease, or Myozyme. It was also before this blog, our wonderful doctors, and the love and support of many friends.

Yesterday, Emma attended a baby shower for that same nephew's bride.  Although I've never been to a baby shower, I am confident the room was filled not only with little sandwiches and cake, but also with the excitement only a new child can bring and talk of a wonderful future for the new family.

Another year has past and as usual it will end with disappointment for some and joy for others.  Despite all the craziness this past year has brought us, I'll choose the side of joy.  I do so because regardless of Pompe I know our kids would still be out in my brother's yard today dancing with smiles on their faces and California Dreamin' in their hearts.

Where's the sunscreen?

Credit to: Mamas and The Papas, "California Dreaming"