Friday, January 22, 2010

The MRI in Funky Town

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me,
Town to keep me movin', keep me groovin' with some energy...

Before Lipps, Inc. busted onto the music scene with the catchy lyrics and electronic pulse of Funky Town, I wonder if they were inspired by a late evening visit to CHOP's MRI Department. OK, you are saying..he's finally lost it...why am I reading this...and...I thought this was supposed to be about Maddie. So here's the story:

Last night Maddie had her 7 PM MRI appointment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Now, if you've been to a city hospital at night you expect to see some interesting things and we did. However, we did not expect Mr. Funky Town. More later...

The doctors require a brain MRI prior to initiating the Myozyme treatments. According to our doctor at CHOP and, strokes related to intracranial aneurysm have been reported in three late-onset Pompe patients so, while very rare, they run a baseline test to determine if there are any issues. Maddie was very brave through the whole process. From getting an IV line in her hand so they could add contrast media, to lying in the MRI machine for an hour, to trying to imagine a symphony made from the annoying banging sounds the machine makes, she was a trooper. She was a bit scared and tired after the ordeal, but left the hospital in her usual positive self saying, "Well at least that's behind me."

Back to Mr. Funky Town. So here we are in the waiting room at 7 PM with four adults all looking much more tired than I felt and doing what they could - in silence - to keep calm while their kids where having MRIs. That was until the silence was broken by a cell tone playing the tune we all know and love, Funky Town. Then came the guessing, who's was it? The young couple playing the Connect Four game in the corner? The lady fast at sleep in the chair next to us? Or, the well kept Grandfather who was carefully reading his paper?

Of course it was Grandpa who casually reached into his coat and answered the phone like it was nothing, not once, but twice. That's right, Grandpa's got soul!

As expected Maddie turned to us with eyes raised and a little smile that made the night OK. When we drove onto the highway, I told Maddie that it will be those moments that keep us sane on our Pompe Adventure. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine.

Gotta move on, Gotta move on...

Have a great weekend,

Credit to: Lipps, Inc., "Funky Town"