Friday, December 3, 2010

If I Needed Someone

If I needed someone
You're the one that I'd be thinking of
If I needed someone

If I had some more time to spend
Then I guess I'd be with you my friend
If I needed someone

Did you ever meet someone out of the blue and just know you would be great friends?  I'm not quite sure why this happens.  Perhaps it is because of shared experiences, similar interests, or in my case someone's ability to tell a great story which usually ends with a punch line I never expected. Whatever the reason, the good thing is that it happens and after that moment your life is a bit better.

Emma's Facebook page proves making friends is not a problem.  While all 369 of them are important, finding those special people with whom you can share your most private thoughts comes rarely.  Fortunately, she's been graced with a few who are so special we now consider them family.  They have traveled both smooth and rocky roads together and continue forward with inspiring dedication to each other.

That being said, her Pompe diagnosis was a game changer. Suddenly finding someone who has walked in her shoes became more important and more difficult.  You see, finding another with a rare disease is not as easy as it seems.  That was until the MDA Muscle Summit in October.  As we were gathering our things to leave, I turned and saw Emma talking with a group of kids. Before I knew it, a connection was made, a conversation started, and a friendship born. After a few short minutes, cell phones numbers were exchanged, promises to touch base online were made, and plans to get together cemented.

Since then there's been texts, phone calls, and even a short visit between the families which turned into hours of conversation over a good dinner and promises to see each other again soon.  Most importantly, she has found someone who understands like her parents never will. While at times it seems that we also have Pompe, the fact is we don't. She's found someone who feels what she feels, fears what she fears, and is inspired by what she's inspired by. So does this replace other friendships?  Not at all.  It just adds dimension to a life filled with so much more. 

So why did this friendship happen out of the blue?  Would it have happened without the MDA? I'm still not sure and it doesn't matter.  What matters is that if you keep your mind and heart open you never know when your next friendship may be born.  And, what matters most is that when my daughter needed someone it did happen and since that moment her life has been a bit better.

Had you come some other day
Then it might not have been like this

All the best,

Credit: The Beatles, "If I Needed Someone"