Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great News from Boston, Even for a LA Sports Fan

Growing up a loyal sports fan in the Los Angeles area, I've developed an immediate smirk each time I hear about the town Boston.  Sure the band Boston was great (I know your humming "More Than a Feeling" right now), but how can this fan support a town whose teams battle my Lakers and Angels year in and year out?  There's no doubt these guys have talent, but rooting for anything from that town is like a Philadelphia Flyers fan rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup.  Happening?  No.

While it pains me to write this, I must admit the tide is changing.  Now you won't see me wearing a Red Sox hat anytime soon (read never) or rooting against Kobe in the NBA Finals, but you will see the Crowleys standing up in applause for our new Boston friends for the following...

Genzyme Receives FDA Approval for Lumizyme for Pompe Disease

Lumizyme is the first treatment approved in the US specifically to treat patients with late-onset Pompe disease.  This includes all patients eight years and older.  While the girls were currently receiving Myozyme, this was only guaranteed until they reached 18, as the product is primarily for infants due to the limited supply of the drug.  Through this approval, Genzyme has secured their long term treatment supply and opened the door for many adult onset Pompe patients who were not able to secure treatment previously.

Here's a link to the press release if you wish to have more information:

On the home front, the girls had their third Wacky Wednesday infusion today at CHOP and everything went well.  They began on time and made it home with enough time to work on their tans and enjoy the Slip-n-Slide. Not bad!

So three cheers to Genzyme and to Boston as you've made this LA fan very happy.