Friday, June 25, 2010

15 For a Moment

I'm 15... for a moment
caught in between 10 and 20
and I'm just dreamin'
countin' the ways to where you are

15 there's still time for you
time to buy and time to lose
15... there's never a wish
better than this
when you've only got a hundred years
to live

As a young man I remember that itchy feeling of freedom that comes upon you when you are no longer a child, but not quite an adult.  The time when the world is filled with wonder and every opportunity remains within reach.  For me, that feeling uniquely resides in the eyes of a 15 years old.  You've entered the new world of high school, and the thoughts of college, a job, and a mortgage seem so far away.  During this time many of us tried to find a place where we could dream of tomorrow be it in our rooms, at a beach, or a friend's house.   

Emma resides in this wonderful age and has found her place of freedom behind the steering wheel of a grey VW Passat.  No, she doesn't have her license or even her permit.  The Passat is firmly planted in our driveway as the extra car which has transitioned from "the car that she can use when she starts driving" to "Emma's car", according to her at least. 

On any given evening you can find her behind the wheel doing homework, listening to the radio, or hanging out with her friends all the time gazing out that front windshield.  I'm not sure what Emma and her friends talk about, but I have a feeling it isn't about the flowers in the backyard.  Instead, I have a feeling it's about laughter, tears, opportunities, and dreams.  The future without limits.    

Now I know that in a few short months that car will no longer be sitting on the driveway, but driving away to some gathering.  And I know that in a few short years it will pull out of that same driveway on the way to college and in the direction of those dreams. 

In the meantime, Emma, the keys are yours.  Dream on and don't let anything hold you back, not boys, not bosses, and especially not Pompe.  I know this diagnosis wasn't in your plans, but remember that this may lead you to wonderful places you've never imagined.  Please take my advice and live with boldness and take time to remember the dreams of today and to dream the dreams of tomorrow.  After you are all "grown up", let me know if you ever need that Passat to share a few dreams with your friends and I'll have it waiting for you.  Who knows, maybe you'll even let your old Dad join.   

Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this,
When you only got 100 years to live

Keep those dreams coming,

Credit to: Five for Fighting, "100 Years"

*If anyone has not heard this song, it's worth a few minutes.  Here's a link to the video.
Five For Fighting.  "100 Years" 2004  All rights reserved.



  1. First things first. Boys? I think not. Sorry Emma, the same rules have to apply to you that apply to my can date...after you are married. Now that we have that out of the way. As far as this sitting in the car thing goes. I think it is a great thing. I mean what better place, not to get away from it all, but to get to all of it. I think it is a very cool thing to do and as we all know, I am very cool so I would know. It's way better than an old friend of mine named Eggs Benedict. Yea, I know I know...strange name. He was part Indian, part Spanish, and part non fat dry milk. Eggs had a house that was built in the middle of the freeway. One day we went to his house and he put the keys in the front door and it started up. So he took it for a spin. Where was I going with this? I digress. But on a different note....I want to pass along a piece of advice my great great grandfather gave me long after he passed away. He said, "Regis"....(grandpa drank)....he said "Regis....if you ever sit in a car in your driveway without turning it on...." Grandpa was also Narcoleptic. It's really too bad too cause I think the rest of that sentence would have really been pertinent to this little message. As it stands, it is just kind of a rambling message that doesn't signify much. So I will leave you with this bit of advice from something I read once that has stuck with me over the years. "Apply to infested area..."

  2. Samantha: Thanks for getting my undies back.
    Jake: Thanks for coming over.
    Samantha: Thanks for coming to get me.
    Jake: Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.
    Samantha: It already came true.

    Ahhh Next year.

  3. The age of a quinceañera, a Hispanic girl celebrating her fifteenth birthday. Thus, Spanish bingo callers might refer to the number 15 as la niña bonita (the beautiful girl).

    Just saying.

  4. First of that song! Second of son is 10 years old and has received his fifth treatment with Myozyme. I am nervous about starting him on Lumizyme since he has had minimal side effects with Myozyme. But I just wait and see and encourage every day. His dream is to attend Penn State Main Campus some day like his uncle. He has great aspirations and is scared that they won't come true. We were invited to the night out at dave and buster's but were unable to attend due to work schedule. I told him that we would attend the next one so he may meet other kids who are receiving this life saving medicine.
    Your blog is an inspiration and inspires our family to do more Thank You

  5. Wouldn't you signup for 100 years, right now?

    That would be 700 in Fredo years.

  6. I can picture the magic of Emma looking at the great spot where the windshield and looking forward meet the rear view mirror and looking back.

  7. I re-read the post, as I do from time to time and was curiuos in regards to the "itchy feeling of freedom"

    Just Saying...

  8. I think this is the way Carter sees this song.

  9. Passat can refer to:

    •A type of wind
    •Passat (ship), a sailing ship named after the wind

    I think you should call the color of the car Silver.

    There is nothing gray about Emma.